• Implant wear simulators

    Each year Prosim simulators walk, jog, stumble and trip 5.4 billion steps on orthopaedic joints to ensure that patients have safe, reliable and long lasting implants.

Simulation Solutions are the exclusive European partner for the supply and support of the Prosim range of mechanical wear testing machinery.

From the initial design and development of the first Prosim wear simulators in the early 1990’s, for DePuy Synthes, Prosim has sought to take a flexible, innovative and cost-effective approach to the development of mechanical wear simulation for the testing of orthopaedic implants to help in the fields of joint biomechanics and implant design.

Our long association with Prosim means that Simulation Solutions is able to offer a complete suite of joint simulators, hip simulators, implant wear simulators, biomechanical testing machines and robotic musculoskeletal simulator for mechanical wear testing of hip, knee and spinal implants, as well as other orthopaedic implants such as ankles, fingers, elbows and shoulder joints.


If you have any specific requirements not fully addressed by the below range of simulators, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to look at customisation of existing equipment or design and build projects to a customer’s specification. Below you will find information and pdfs about our range of equipment.

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