Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry has unique challenges; products with short use before dates, high capital costs for specialised plant, product traceability requirements and large numbers of SKUs.

We have helped Food and Beverage companies investigate better ways of answering all of these challenges by using simulation.

Customer Examples

  • Using Plant Simulation to simulate manufacturing and supply chain operations, simulating vendor’s proposals for new mixing or storage plant, applying the results to down select to a preferred supplier and subsequently conducting more detailed simulations to optimise that vendor’s solution, in one case saving our customer over £300K.
  • A major drinks corporation are using predictive analysis (Plant Simulation) and warehouse material flow analysis to support the design of new distribution facilities and the redesign of existing warehouse layout. This is enabling the company to support  increasing variants of product mix and customer requirements. The programme to reduce third party storage and better utilise existing warehouse space is estimated to be saving $1m/ year.

The Products

Plant Simulation, is the product which has added most value to our customers in the Food and Beverage industry.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation enables the modelling and simulating of Manufacturing, Warehousing and logistics processes. Using Plant Simulation, you can optimise material flow, resource utilisation and logistics for all levels of logistics planning from global manufacturing and distribution facilities, through to local operations.

Plant Simulation allows the creation of computer models of logistic systems to explore system characteristics and optimise performance. The computer model enables users to run experiments and what-if scenarios without disturbing existing assets or – when used in the planning process – long before the real system is installed. Extensive analysis tools, statistics and charts let users evaluate different logistics scenarios and make fast, reliable decisions in the early stages of operational planning.

Plant Simulation helps users:

  • Detect and eliminate problems that otherwise would require cost- and time-consuming correction measures during operational ramp-up
  • Minimise the investment cost for storage sectors without jeopardising required output
  • Optimise the performance of existing warehousing and manufacturing systems by implementing measures that have been verified in a simulation environment prior to implementation

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