The pharmaceutical industry has unique challenges, products with short use before dates, high capital costs for specialised plant, product traceability requirements and large numbers of SKUs. We have helped Pharma companies investigate better ways of solving all of these challenges by using simulation.

Customer Example:

  • Using Plant Simulation to simulate manufacturing and supply chain operations. This included packing lines, optimising batch sizes, and designing Kanban or ‘supermarket’ systems to reduce WIP and minimise lead times. All of these ideas and demands for improvement have been tested and validated in simulation before being implemented in production, saving money and mitigating risk.

The Products:

The Tecnomatix suite of Siemens Digital Industries Software products can be applied within the Pharmaceutical Industry to provide solutions for a wide variety of problems relating to manufacturing, product design and supply chain logistics.

The Siemens Tecnomatix products that have added value to our Pharmaceutical customers businesses include:

  • Plant Simulation:
    Tecnomatix Plant Simulation enables the modelling and simulating of Manufacturing, Warehousing and logistics processes. Using Plant Simulation, you can optimise material flow, resource utilisation and logistics for all levels of logistics planning from global manufacturing and distribution facilities, through to local operations.

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  • Ergonomics:
    Tecnomatix Jack is an ergonomics and human factors product that can help the automotive industry improve the ergonomics of product designs and workplace tasks.This software enables users to position biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes in virtual environments, assign them tasks and analyse their performance. Jack (and Jill) digital humans can tell engineers what they can see and reach, how comfortable they are, when and why they’re getting hurt, when they’re getting tired and other important ergonomics information.

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  • Robotics:
    Tecnomatix Robot Simulation enables the design, simulation, optimisation, analysis and off-line programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resource information.

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  • Facility Analysis:
    Tecnomatix facility analysis tools (FactoryCAD Factory FLOW) gives you everything you need to create detailed, intelligent warehouse models by allowing you to work with “smart objects” that represent virtually all the resources used in a Warehouse. In addition, Factory FLOW FactoryFLOW enables engineers to optimise layouts based on material flow distances, frequency, and costs.

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