• Robcad

    Tecnomatix Robcad enables the design, simulation, optimisation, analysis and off-line programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resource information.

Digital manufacturing for roboticwork-cells

This provides a concurrent engineering platform to optimize processes and calculate cycle times. With Robcad, you can design life-like, full-action mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems on 3D graphics computer workstations.

Robcad enables manufacturers to flawlessly introduce automated processes by allowing manufacturing engineers to virtually validate automation concepts upfront.


  • Reduced process engineering lead time
  • Increased manufacturing quality, accuracy and profitability
  • Accurate robot programs downloaded to the shop floor
  • Increased production equipment utilization for maximum return
  • Problems detected and solved with simulation during early stages of planning
  • Validated and optimized welding programs based on corporate specifications
  • Reduced cost reflected from process development through to implementation


  • Interoperability with mainstream CAD systems
  • 3D layout definition of automation workcells
  • Accurate simulation and synchronization of multiple robots and mechanisms
  • Extensive library of standard robot models and robot controller configurations
  • Automation tools for robot placement, equipment selection, path planning and optimization, program generation and collision detection

Business Value

As a scalable solution, Robcad fully integrates core technologies with a powerful set of process-specific applications for a wide range of processes. This includes spot welding, arc welding, laser and water-jet cutting, drilling and riveting and human operations.

Robcad is an industry de facto standard, with thousands of seats in production engineering helping users improve manufacturing processes – cutting costs, increasing quality and accelerating time-to-market.

Robcad serves manufacturing process design teams, including contractors and their supply chain, as well as service companies (system integrators and design houses) within automotive, aerospace, utilities and heavy industries.

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