• Factory Cad

    Optimising facility layouts is a key concern for manufacturing and logistics organisations, whether it be to minimise walking time, eliminate double handling, reduce material movements or maximise space utilisation. These are all complex and multi variate problems that benefit from simulation and experimentation ‘in silico’ to find and test the best solution before implementing within your facility.

    FactoryCAD and Factory FLOW from the Tecnomatix suite of products are best placed to help optimise facility layouts and create intelligent warehouse models.

Factory Analysis

Tecnomatix FactoryCAD is a facility layout application that gives you everything you need to create detailed, intelligent warehouse models.

Based on AutoCAD, instead of having to draw lines, arcs, and circles, FactoryCAD allows you to work with “smart objects” that represent virtually all the resources used in a Warehouse, from floor and overhead conveyors, mezzanines and cranes to material handling containers and operators. With these objects, you can “snap” together a layout model without wasting time drawing the equipment.


  • Easily import tooling and product models (NX, JT, Solid Edge, Parasolid, etc.)
  • Layout and plan facilities in 3D
  • Accelerated model development with smart objects
  • Parametric object and system toolkit


  • As much as 90 percent faster than traditional 3D modeling
  • Create 2D/3D models in less time with less effort
  • Discover and resolve design problems early in the layout process
  • Data re-use makes the layout information more valuable
  • Reduce interpretation errors
  • As much as 95 percent reduction in 3D file sizes, as compared to AutoCAD®

Factory FLOW:

FactoryFLOW enables you to optimise your warehouse layout based on material flow distances, MHE Utilisation, traffic Congestion and cost.

For operators worldwide, more efficient warehouse layouts directly result in reduced material handling, improved product quality, and increased profits. FactoryFLOW’s layout evaluation tools model the effect of layout changes before undertaking the risk and expense of physically reworking inefficient layouts. And optimised warehouse designs bring warehouse’s online faster, compress time to launch, and improve production efficiency. Customer testimonials show that users have recovered their investment in software and training in the first year, and often in the first study.

FactoryFLOW is a graphical material handling analysis system that enables engineers to optimise layouts based on material flow distances, frequency, and costs. Warehouse layouts are analysed by using part routing information, material storage needs, material handling equipment specifications, and part packaging (containerisation) information.


  • Create material flow and congestion diagrams
  • Compute material handling equipment requirements
  • Analyze and validate operator walk-paths
  • Build tugger routes based upon material requirements
  • Design packing strategies for storage areas and transport vehicles


  • Reduced material handling costs
  • Optimized space utilization of shop floor storage areas
  • Reduce non-value added work and minimize indirect labor costs
  • Optimized resource utilization and material flow
  • Optimized material packing for transportation vehicles

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