• Jack

    Jack is an ergonomics and human factors modeling and simulations product that helps enterprises in various industries to improve the ergonomics of product designs and workplace tasks.

Jack enables users to position biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes in virtual environments, assign them tasks and analyze their performance. Jack (and Jill) virtual human computer models can tell engineers what they can see and reach, how comfortable they are, when and why they’re getting hurt, when they’re getting tired and other important ergonomics information.

This human modeling simulation information helps organizations design safer and more effective products faster and for less cost. Ultimately, Jack human modeling software helps companies bring factories on-line faster and optimize productivity while improving worker safety.

The Jack human modeling software and simulation tool helps organizations in various industries improve the ergonomics of product designs and refine workplace tasks. Jack and its optional toolkits bring human-centred design tools to your virtual environments for comprehensive analysis of the human factors of your new designs – before any physical prototypes are built.

The Jack (and Jill) human models can be sized to represent your user populations, and allow engineers to evaluate their concept designs in terms of human performance, including reach, vision, injury risk, fatigue, comfort and other important ergonomics information.

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