• Automation & robotics

    Simulation can be used to design, optimise, analyse and verify manufacturing automation processes, so you can virtually validate factory lines. From autonymous robots and tools, to systems and sequencing, with 3D dynamic data created for automation simulations, you can eliminate potential issues to commission your products and get them to market quickly.

Process Simulate

Manage automation and robotics in a production line, running tests for multiple part variants through a line, as well as testing and validating PLC code offline.


Tecnomatix Robcad enables the design, simulation, optimisation, analysis and off-line programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resource information.

Process Designer

Planning an assembly line or station can be quite time consuming and requires a lot of discussions between different engineering departments..


The use of robots is expanding rapidly in a variety of industries. More and more tasks that were previously carried out by human beings are now done by robots.

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