• Opcenter APS (Formerly Preactor)

    Opcenter APS is an advanced planning and scheduling software from Siemens which enables planners to quickly compare 'what if scenarios' and decide optimal production planning and scheduling. The dynamic data generated using Opcenter APS enables planners to meet changing demands and manage supply chains effectively.

Whether you’re looking to reduce production set up and waiting time, balance demand and capacity, or simply to track and optimise production planning and scheduling, Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor) can help. The software tests scenarios against each other, taking into account all of the different production factor variables, to deliver data to inform decisions to achieve optimum production efficiency. The software can help answer questions such as:

– Planning
What to make?
When to make?
How much to make?
Where to make?
Required materials and resources

– Scheduling
How best to make
Priorities, constraints and conflicts
Monitor execution
Manage change







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