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Increasing cost and time pressures in production, along with ongoing globalization, mean that logistics is a key factor in the success of a company. Money can be lost daily through inefficient schedules, local instead of global optimization, inefficient resource allocation, and poor productivity.

The need to deliver just-in-time (JIT) or just-in-sequence (JIS), introduce Kanban, plan and build new production lines, and manage global production networks, requires objective decision criteria to help management evaluate and compare alternative approaches.

Plant Simulation is a discrete-event industrial simulation software tool that helps you to create digital models of logistic systems (such as production), so that you can explore a system’s characteristics and optimize its performance.

These digital models allow you to run experiments and what-if scenarios without disturbing existing production systems, or – when used in the planning process – long before the real production systems are installed. Extensive analysis tools, such as bottleneck analysis, statistics and charts let you evaluate different manufacturing scenarios. The results provide you with the information needed to make fast, reliable, smarter decisions in the early stages of production planning.

Plant Simulation helps users:

  • Detect and eliminate problems that otherwise would require cost- and time-consuming correction measures during operational ramp-up
  • Minimise the investment cost for storage sectors without jeopardising required output
  • Optimise the performance of existing warehousing and manufacturing systems by implementing measures that have been verified in a simulation environment prior to implementation

Plant Simulation for Manufacturing

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation enables the modelling and simulating of production systems and processes.

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Plant Simulation for Warehousing

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation enables the modelling and simulating of warehouse systems and logistics processes.

PDF2Plant Simulation for Warehousing pdf

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