Simulation tip of the month – workers moving freely


Siemens Plant Simulation, version 14


Workers moving freely

Why it’s useful:

Greater accuracy in tracking worker movement timings and routes

How it works:

‘Move freely within area’ is the new option for viewing and measuring movements of workers in Plant Simulation; workers automatically take the quickest routes between points, as they would on in real life, rather than being restricted to footpaths only. Not only does this save time as there is no need to set footpaths up, it provides a more realistic view of how the plant will be used by workers, as well as the stats to go with it.


How to use it:

DIAGRAM here!!!




Drop down box to select move freely within area in Plant Simulation

Since version 14 of Plant Simulation was released by Siemens, the team at Simulation Solutions have been making the most of the latest functionality from the software, including:

  • Seeing the paths your workers walked during a model run with the new worker Sankey diagram
  • Easily setting up where MUs are placed in 3D objects with the animation area option (added to the MU animation setting in 3D),
  • Having the option to scale parts automatically in 3D.

For more information on the functionality above, help with software updates, or any other queries just call the support line during office hours on 0161 947 9113 or complete the contact form below.