Simulation tip of the month – Waitexpired

Tips on functionality were voted by our customers as being the most useful information for simulation users, so we’ll be sharing top tips from the team every month. As always, our support team are also available to advise on any questions about Siemens Technomatix software, just give us a call on 0161 947 9113 during office hours and we’ll be happy to help. In the meantime, here’s our first tip of the month:


Siemens Plant Simulation, version 14


New functionality with Waitexpired

Why it’s useful:

Greater flexibility

How it works:

It’s now possible to set a time limit on how long the waituntil command waits unless triggered already. Previously, the Waituntil function would continue to run for as long as it took to trigger, but with the new Waitexpired functionality you can set your choice of time limit on how long to wait before the command is ignored and the code continues to run.


The code for how to use it:

waituntil SingleProc.Empty wait 60

if waitExpired





Since version 14 of Plant Simulation was released by Siemens earlier this year, the team at Simulation Solutions have been making the most of the latest functionality, including:

  • Seeing the paths your workers walked during a model run with the new worker Sankey diagram
  • Easily setting up where MUs are placed in 3D objects with the animation area option (added to the MU animation setting in 3D),
  • Having the option to scale parts automatically in 3D.

For more information on the functionality above, help with software updates, or any other queries just call the support line during office hours on 0161 947 9113 or complete the contact form below.