Reduce time onsite with virtual commissioning

With manufacturing operations ever evolving, there are frequent needs to commission equipment to ensure all components are working correctly and to capacity as quickly as possible.

As one of the final stages of getting production up and running timings can be tight – whether setting up new machinery, running updates, reconfiguring or troubleshooting with existing equipment.

Virtual commissioning can be completed using a digital twin of an operation, allowing for testing away from the plant floor. This means costly man hours onsite can be cut, as well as reducing overall time spent commissioning, as the team at partner organisation IDC found:

We are very happy with the time we’ve been able to save onsite with virtual commissioning, making for shorter launch times, as well as having the flexibility to multitask on more projects in the year. The use of this tool is set to evolve, as we find more ways to adapt it to our clients business processes. We look forward to developing this further with Simulation Solutions to continue to drive more value for our customers.

Peter Hadley: Project Manager, IDC

Read the full case study here:

Making the digital twin work for your operation

Simulation Solutions are raising awareness on the opportunities virtual commissioning offers, with Director Robbie Birrell sharing findings at the Leveraging Industry 4.0 event from TEAM Engineering and Siemens. As a Siemens smart expert partner, Simulation Solutions enables businesses to review their end to end production processes to progress with confidence and certainty, to ultimately create innovation. With a digital twin created using Plant Simulation software, the team can test specific elements from across the whole plant to complete virtual commissioning tasks. Going forward the digital twin can be used to deliver ongoing value across the operation, enabling the team to test ideas in an environment with no risk to drive continual improvements.

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To find out more how virtual commissioning could save onsite testing time for your operation you can check out the case study here.
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