Prosim develop Tribometer

Prosim Tribometer

Prosim are utilising their extensive knowledge in medical device testing to expand their product range to include a Tribometer for testing and measuring friction and material wear.

The specification below shows its technical capability:

  • The Prosim Tribometer meets the apparatus requirements set out in ASTM F732-00 (2011) – Wear Testing of Polymeric Materials Used in Total Joint Prostheses
  • Five kinematic stations – pin on a rotating disk
  • One soak station – pin on a static disk
  • Each pin is mounted on a lever arm that is forced down onto the disk
  • 9mm nominal pin dia. A range of collets will be supplied to allow different pin diameters to be accommodated.
  • The mechanism that attaches the pins in to the machine is removable, allowing different pin holders to be fitted.
  • Axial loading (Z axis) of the pin is driven through a cam system with a common motor and applied to each station with a range of 0N to 600N. Load feedback can be taken from any one of the loaded pins.
  • Axial load can be ramped up over a user defined number of cycles, with minimal vibrations and impact loading
  • Each station is equipped with its own Three Axis Load Cell (generating Fx, Fy and Fz data)
  • Each rotating disk is mounted on a dedicated XY table
  • Each rotating disk is fitted in to a circular sample cup. Any shape of disk can be accommodated as long as it fits in to the sample cup. Due to the pin lever arm mechanism, different disk thicknesses can also be accommodated (up to an agreed maximum).
  • Both the pin and disk will have alignment features that allow them to be removed for examination and then refitted in the same orientation.
  • X axis is driven using an a.c. servo motor with displacement of +/-12.5mm
  • Y axis is driven using an a.c. servo motor with displacement +/-12.5mm
  • Each disk is rotated with an a.c. servo motor
  • A heater plate maintains media temperature at 37°C +/- 2°C
  • A station-specific valve system maintains media levels
  • Machine cycle speed is programmable up to 1.0Hz
  • Each test can be any combination of up to 50 different movement and loading profiles
  • Single machine running as a single bank of six stations (including soak station)
  • Upper and lower trip limits on all sensors
  • Calibration kit

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