Opcenter APS Module Drives 10% Increase in Profitability for Reclaimed Timber Manufacturer Elmwood


Siemens Digital Industries Software have shared a great success story about the business benefits of Opcenter APS to custom floor panel manufacturer Elmwood. Opcenter APS is an advanced planning and scheduling tool that supports manufacturers in their strategic planning needs by helping them to balance demand and capacity to generate efficient and achievable production schedules.

Elmwood were searching for a tool that would help them to improve on-time delivery, eliminate manual scheduling and to overcome their existing scheduling limitations.

Improving On-Time Delivery

Elmwood were able to use Opcenter APS to improve the synchronisation of manufacturing processes, which gave them greater visibility and control to increase utilisation and on time delivery while reducing inventory levels and waste.

“The ability to constrain materials to production in Opcenter APS enabled us to know in advance what materials from our warehouses have to be planned for production. But more importantly, we are able to replan our material in case of any dynamic changes.”

This added level of flexibility provided by Opcenter APS allowed Elmwood to improve their responsiveness to customer demand changes.

Efficient Scheduling

To arrive at accurate schedules Opcenter APS enabled production teams to consider labour, material, and capacity constraints and the use of Opcenter provides detailed, real-time visibility and order traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

“Opcenter A(P)S exceeded expectations and became the key software that helped us expand our capacity and automation”

This added level of visibility provided by Opcenter APS helps Elmwood to predict problems instead of reacting to them whilst creating a more efficient production process.

10% Increase in Sales

Because of the custom nature of the work that Elmwood does the improvements in the visibility and flexibility of their manufacturing processes has meant that they are now better placed to balance the key performance indicators for sales and production and are now able to develop a single unified plan for coordination of sales, production and purchasing.

Due to these improvements Elmwood saw an increase of 10% in top line revenues after the implementation of Opcenter APS.

“We saw the impact of Opcenter APS on our systems leading to an increase of 10 percent and improvement in profitability through accurate visibility and effective resource utilisation.”

You can read the full Siemens case study here.

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