Manufacturer Reduces Customer Lead Time by 10 days with Opcenter APS

Manufacturer of Instrument Transformers see improvements in on-time delivery rates after implementation of advanced planning and scheduling tool Tecnomatix Opcenter APS

Siemens Digital Industries Software have shared a great success story about the business benefits of Opcenter APS for custom engineered instrument transformers manufacturer Narayan Powertech. Opcenter APS is an advanced planning and scheduling tool that supports manufacturers in their strategic planning needs by helping them to balance demand and capacity to generate efficient and achievable production schedules.

Narayan Powertech were searching for a tool that would help them to overcome technical challenges with production efficiency, delivery deadlines and synchronising the value chain.

efficient production

Narayan Powertech now use Opcenter APS to improve production efficiency and are now making significantly better use of their resources. The company was facing issues related to inconsistent data maintenance, lack of proactive solutions and long production meetings. With Opcenter APS they were able to improve in all of these areas.

“We have used better inventory returns and resource utilization to improve our productivity by 15 to 20 percent. Our communication with customers and between management and operations has also improved significantly.”

Sandip Shah, Director, Narayan Powertech Pvt Ltd


Improving On-Time Delivery

To give customers achievable and accurate delivery timelines Opcenter APS enabled Narayan Powertech to predictively plan and schedule production instead of reacting to problems.

This meant that they were able to identify demand-centric bottlenecks in advance and improve on-time delivery significantly.

“By improving our on-time deliveries by more than 95 percent, we have given our customers more confidence in our ability to handle more product variants and deliver on time.”

Hardik Brahmbhatt, Senior Planning Engineer, Narayan Powertech Pvt Ltd

This increased reliability also led to improved relationships between the company and its customers who now view Narayan as being a more trustworthy supplier.

Far Reaching Improvements

Narayan Powertech were able to cement themselves as key strategic partners to their customers thanks to the implementation of Opcenter APS and the improvements it made to the reliability and capability of their production environment, which in turn saw elevated levels of customer confidence.

With the introduction of Opcenter APS to support their production activities Narayan Powertech have reduced customer lead times from 4 weeks to 2.5 weeks whilst also reducing customer response time from three days to one.

“Opcenter APS is helping us meet our global customer needs, such as reducing lead times and enabling us to improve resource utilisation, identify bottlenecks early and predicting accurate resource requirements”.

Sandip Shah, Director, Narayan Powertech Pvt Ltd

You can read the full Siemens DISW case study here.

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