Help everyone see like an engineer using VR with simulation

Share an immersive, visual experience to get the team on board

Simulation Solutions are proud to offer a new dimension of walking the line of your factory operation, using virtual reality (VR) with simulation offers the functionality to preview and explore a site before it has been built. The addition of VR with a bespoke 3D model of your factory operation allows you to effectively share an immersive visual experience, helping colleagues from different teams from across the business to quickly understand and support your operations.

Walk the line with virtual tours of your factory

When you take colleagues on a virtual tour of your operation with Plant Simulation software and VR, you can share exactly how all elements will look to scale. As well as walking down the pathways across site, VR makes it possible to get unique perspectives on processes that wouldn’t be possible in real life, for example: viewing exactly how machinery fits together by moving directly above it, or seeing where materials are input from underneath. In addition to sharing how operations will look to scale, there’s also the option to zoom in and out of the setting, allowing users to focus on specific operational details or to take in the bigger picture – giving an overview of your factory in the palm of your hand.

With the VR headset tracking the direction of gaze, along with every step in any direction taken, a corresponding visual is created; you can also direct your movement around the simulation with the handset. This means the experience can be created using a much smaller space and you won’t need a room the size of your factory floor for your virtual tour.

Help everyone to see like an engineer

The view from the VR headset is displayed onto a screen, sharing the tour with others in the room. This means a team member can use VR to investigate a particular area or function, whilst everyone in the room sees their perspective and can interact with them on their way. With VR functionality and support from the Simulation Solutions team, we work with you to visually share your work, helping everyone to see and analyse like an engineer.

‘It’s been great to take the 3D simulations we create with customers to the next level, the experience of being able to walk around their factory on a one to one scale is always exciting and insightful. In a recent case where we introduced VR to a customer’s simulation, the detail of 3D and perspective of VR allowed absolute clarity in reviewing high speed conveyors in the plant, so we could get them precisely to scale. I’m looking forward to sharing this new perspective with more customers.’

Lindsay Healey: Lead Engineer for VR at Simulation Solutions.

Using VR in your projects

If you’d like to check out the latest VR functionality with your simulation, or have an upcoming project which you’d like to explore how simulation and VR could help, add your details to the contact form below or call the office on 0161 947 9113.

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