Simulation Solutions has partnered with Cleveland Clinic Medical Device Solutions, a centre of excellence for biomechanical testing of biological structures and biomaterials, to deliver simVITRO software, hardware and services in Europe.

We have over 20 years’ experience working on Biomechanics and Orthopedics simulation, initially with the Prosim range of orthopedic implant testing machinery, and subsequently with Cleveland Clinic and their SimVITRO Robotic Musculoskeletal Simulators. Our success in this field is evidenced by our association with a prestigious list of blue-chip clients and world class academic researchers.
The simVITRO Robotic Universal Musculoskeletal Simulators are designed to combine the accuracy, repeatability, and ubiquity of a standard KUKA robot with simVITRO software that provides a biomechanics centric control interface that allows researchers to focus less on the robotics and more on the important thing: Asking and answering clinical questions that will help patients.

simVITRO Software

Designed as a universal musculoskeletal simulator. Specimen modules are available for in vitro simulation of major joints including the spine, knee, foot/ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and more.

simVITRO Hardware

Systems are scalable, flexible, and configurable. It can be built around new or existing robotic infrastructure in your laboratory or testing facility.

simVITRO Integration

Utilize the expertise of the Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics Laboratory and Simulation Solutions modelling expertise to help you develop your state of the art facility.

Our investment and commitment to the SimVITRO technology has been considerable and we now have our own test cell to enable customers to visit and work with our engineers in order to gain hands on experience and assess the technology.

Benefits of SimVITRO:

  • Provide new insight into joint biomechanics or implant designs
  • Reduce cost and time to publishing your scientific discoveries
  • Integrate into both your translational and basic research programs
  • Create joint loading profiles that are dynamic and flexible
  • Select the specimen module(s) that match your research program
  • Utilize International Society of Biomechanics standards for joint coordinate systems
  • Construct and configure sensors from the built-in library
  • Customize sensors and measurements unique to your particular application via the plug-in style architecture
  • Scale your system to fit your needs
  • Build around new or existing robotic or sensor infrastructure in your laboratory or testing facility. Get the power of simVITRO while leveraging your current capital equipment.

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