What We Do

Simulation Solutions are first and foremost a Simulation company.  We have over 25 years’ experience in the field of Simulation and we are the only UK specialist Siemens business partner to provide sales, training, support and consulting for the Siemens Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing suite of software tools. We also have significant experience in the Medical Devices industry having worked closely with Prosim since the late 1990s.

This gives us the knowledge and experience to see your problem from many points of view so that we can offer you the best advice for your requirement or challenge. We provide a fully tailored service and our approach is simple, we assess your needs and aim to deliver the best solution that fits your requirements.

Typically this involves:

1. Assessment of requirement.

A site visit to discuss your requirement and determine the best approach to proceed.

3. Monitoring.

We make sure the solution we provide works as expected and we stay in touch to ensure it continues to do so. If it isn’t performing as required, we’ll re-engage with you to understand why. We want to make certain your investment is working for you.

5. Training.

For engineers and operators, our training courses are completely scalable to meet your needs.

2. Present and discuss solution.

Whether the solution is software, hardware or consultancy our engineers will work with you and have an open discussion about the best solution to meet your needs. Only once this is agreed will we present a fully costed proposal.

4. Project Support.

We have great depth of experience working on projects across most sectors and we find that we have the greatest success when we’re viewed as part of your project team. We’ll work closely with you as the project develops and we’ll work hard to make sure you meet your goals, even if they change. Our flexible approach and level of engagement with you ensures this.

6. On-going support.

We’re only ever a phone call or email away to assist if required.

Simsol are very good at listening to client requirements and coming up with the best appropriate solution, they have a good name in the industry for exactly this. As a smaller company their personal service is very good. Some of their competitors border on arrogance in their sales methods, almost along the lines of “we are the supplier and you’ll have what you’re sold.

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