• Webinar - Planning with Certainty with Opcenter APS

    Simulations Solutions hosted a 25 minute webinar that focused on how Siemens Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) can help manufacturers react quickly, with accurate information, to unforeseen issues in operations as they return to work and plan for the future.

Tackling Key Manufacturing Challenges

Working with our existing customer base we have found that manufacturers across sectors consistently reach out to us when facing similar challenges. During our webinar we highlight how these manufacturing production challenges stem from six key issues that create uncertainty in production and how Opcenter APS can solve them.

6 Key Issues

  1. Headcount – Reacting quickly to absence of key workers
  2. Machine Breakdown – What can you do if you can’t get parts or an engineer on site to fix the machine?
  3. Stock Materials/Ingredients Shortage – What can you do if you cannot follow the day’s original production schedule?
  4. Prioritising Orders – Which orders can be completed? How can you work most efficiently on the most valuable orders?
  5. Additional Work Area Cleaning – How does this effect your schedule?
  6. Order Enquiry (Are you able to promise?) – Can you deliver new orders on time? What would the impact be on existing orders?

It is generally accepted that advanced planning and scheduling software such as Opcenter APS helps production manufacturers to make informed decisions about what they can do and when they can produce their products based on resources available (human, machine, material) in order to maximise operational efficiency.

The Simsol team gave a live product demonstration showcasing how Opcenter APS enables decision makers to tackle these six key issues by optimising their available resources at any given time to meet customer demands.



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